Some Interesting Facts about Online Casino 

The gambling industry is flourishing at lightning speed and becoming one of the mainstream entertainment across the world. The glorified poker tournaments, players winning million dollars jackpots, and fathomless excitement are just some aspects of online gambling. An entire gamut of marvels, myths and allegations engulfs the casino industry like a cloud of mystery. If you devolve through these mists, you could read some hidden facts which otherwise remained unnoticed.

First-woman casino entrepreneur 

In every online casino, including fun88 (ฟัน88), the number of male gamblers always outnumbers that of females; around 84% of players are male, but it is surprising to know first casino owner was a lady named Mayme Stocker. She opened a casino in Las Vegas called Northern Club in 1920 and was the first individual to obtain a license to establish a legitimate casino. Traditionally gambling experience of women was secretive. Recent data shows women mostly indulge in gambling activities such as lottery, scratch cards and bingo. Younger ladies prefer to play slot games at arcades with their friends. Most women gamble for mere fun, not for financial rewards, with few exceptions.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, situated in Monaco, is famed for being the playground of the rich and famous, though it is the second smallest nation. The country is spread over only two hundred hectares and is famous for opulent casinos, designer malls and lavish bars. Perhaps the most renowned landmark is the Monte Carlo casino, where the residents were not allowed in the mid-1880s.

Card counting

Many casinos do not permit card counting, but it is perfectly lawful in the game of blackjack. When players mentally track the dealt cards, the person can assume about the cards that are not yet dealt. It is presumed card counting gives a player an edge over the house, mostly inspired by the movie 21ehere MIT students are trained for card counting. But the main objective of gambling is having a good time. When you are too focused on card counting, you miss the thrill and joy. If you start card counting without knowing the basic blackjack strategies, you will find yourself in an odd situation and perhaps bounced from the casino tersely.

Voluntary self-exclusion

Many leading online casinos incorporated a system called voluntary exclusion, where a player can willingly withdraw from the casino game. A voluntary self-exclusion program has been adopted by many socially conscious casinos where a player freely enters into an accord with a land-based or digital casino for not wagering for a specific time. This encourages gamblers to impose self-control when they believe they could develop compulsive or problem gambling. This program helps gamblers struggling with wagering habits to step away from betting and refocus on life.

90% of players 

At present-day most gamblers, around 90%, prefer to bet on online casinos like fun88 (ฟัน88), and most of them prefer to play slot machines, while the remaining 10% are devoted to brick-and-mortar casinos. But only 33% of total players acclaim themselves to be professional gamblers. Modern online casinos, apart from conventional casino games, have started offering e-sport betting and lotteries. Surprisingly around 55% of the world population have indulged in some kind of lottery at least once in their life.


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