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The activity of gambling has been around for millennia, a form of entertainment

that has its roots in the early days of civilization, with the earliest evidence

going back to ancient China. This activity made its way through generations and generations of different civilizations and in different forms. Gambling to us is like carrying on that activity that has been there for all our lives.

Let’s please have a little history lesson; what events allowed us to function

as an online casino in Malaysia? So let’s go back.

Early instances of gambling were thought to have been around 2300 BC! Troglodytes

wanted something to do. But early evidence of proper gambling came from ancient

China, where games were mentioned in the “Book of Songs.” Where tiles were

mentioned, what was like an early form of the lottery?

The first instance of dice, one of the key tools in gambling, has evidence that it

was first conceived in ancient Egypt. Where an object that resembled one was

found in a tomb. Ancient Romans and Greeks are confirmed to have loved

gambling with their dice. Because it was outlawed in their ancient cities, the

Romans would use chips instead of actual money to trick the city guards. Thus,

we see the first use of gambling chips.

The first use of cards in gambling, again, came from ancient China, but some

historians and scholars speculated that card games had been around for much

Their rules have long been lost in the sands of time.

Eventually, gambling made its way to European civilizations, where the first official

controlled gambling venue, known as the ‘Ridotto’ was set up in the 17th century

Venice, Italy. Eventually, the concept of a building or venue dedicated to

controlled gambling spread throughout Europe and beyond.

Eventually, Gambling had reached the United States, where more famous gambling games were

created, like the Slot Machine and Texas Hold ‘Em. And the foundation of the

city of Las Vegas cemented the popularity of gambling.

With the computer age coming in and the age of the internet, it was no surprise that

gambling too went on to this platform for online users to place bets and play cards and slots. Around the mid to early 90s, gambling took its journey online. Microgaming, a games company, became the pioneer of online gambling and the biggest online gambling developer of the time. Live casinos with actual dealers soon appeared later in 2003, and thus, we bring ourselves to what we have today. Now, rather than going to a venue to gamble, online casinos can bring the gambling to you, all in the comfort of your own home!

Well, We have all the games and activities you need to make your gambling in sessions

all the more worthwhile. From live casino dealers to various slot games,

you will surely find something here in the best online casino in Malaysia.

Live Casinos

These are gambling games in which a live specialized dealer is handling the games.

From roulette to poker, you can play with other players online, no matter where you are. Our online casino in Malaysia ensures that the games are fair, and our licensed dealers ensure this. We also make sure that all the relevant information is displayed clearly.


A casino is NOTHING without slot games. Slots are among the first things we think

about when we think of casinos. It is one of the most popular games in gambling due to its simplicity. All it takes is a pull of a lever, or in this case, a pouch of the button, and see whether luck is on your side. Usually, in on-site casinos, the slot machines will all be occupied, but with online casinos in Malaysia, you won’t have to worry about such issues.


We are big sports fans, always watching live matches on TV or the internet. But ever wanted to turn up the stakes when watching your favorite team go head to head with their opponents? Well, you can do so with our Live Sports gambling site! Why not celebrate with your favorite team when they win their match with more money in your wallet? You can place bets on all kinds of sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, and even e-sports tournaments!


We here in Malaysia are all too familiar with the 4D lottery, which is quite popular. But rather than go to a 4D lottery vendor and line up with other people to get the lucky number, you can do it from the comfort of your own home! 4D is quite popular as people are given a small chance to make it big, and it doesn’t require any effort; obtain a number and, again, hope

luck is on your side.


The great thing about online casinos in Malaysia is the number of promotions given

to users! First-time users of our online casino will get promotions to help get them started with their gambling sessions, and what is great is that you want to have to spend any cash initially; this is just for you to test out the waters. The best online casinos in Malaysia will provide customers with helpful and amazing promotions that can help start their gambling sessions. Make full use of these promotions, as they are the ones that can get you a big win.

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